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Be an Advocate

As an advocate, you work directly with parents to help them make sure their child's educational needs are being met. Many times, parents feel overwhelmed and outnumbered when attending school meetings for their child's education. Our advocates help the parent feel more comfortable, understand the process, and gain confidence advocating for their child.

Responsibilities include:

  • Attending all school meetings with clients & helping them understand how the special education system works

  • Assisting parents in drafting and managing all communications with the school, as well as organizing their child's educational records

  • Maintaining weekly contact with clients to help monitor the child's progress

Required qualifications:

  • Must be at least 21 years old

  • Must pass a background check

Advocates will be fully trained and supervised by the executive director, including weekly check-in meetings, to ensure consistent and quality support to our clients!

Be an Expert

As education attorneys and advocates, our primary job is to make sure that a child's education plan is meeting their educational needs and we're continuing to see progress. To do that, we need help from different professionals to fully understand and interpret a child's evaluation report & how it translates to practical and appropriate interventions and services.

Some of our clients also need to request independent evaluations because they disagree with the school's findings or recommendations, but don't know where to look for one. And still other clients need more than just services in school, to help access their education. They need access to additional services, but the families may not be able to afford those services that are not covered by insurance. 

If you are a professional, such as:

  • a reading specialist;

  • a physical therapist;

  • a psychologist (school or private);

  • a speech-language pathologist; or

  • any other type of service provider,

please consider serving as one of our experts in the capacity that works for you!

Psychologist for Children
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